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The 2017 All-City Championship Dive Meet will take place Monday and Tuesday July 24 and 25 at the Monona Community Pool. Warm-Ups will take place on Sunday, July 23. Please view the sections below for more details.

Welcome to the 2017 All City Dive Meet

Hosted by the Monona Swim and Dive Club and the City of Monona Community Pool

The Monona Swim and Dive Club and the City of Monona Community Pool are pleased to host the 2017 All City Dive Meet – the 48th dive meet in the history of the All City League. We’re happy to welcome all competitors to this year’s dive meet, returning to the City of Monona for the first time since 2005.

During the meet, please take a few minutes to stop by concessions and the All City apparel tent, both located on the pool deck. The senior recognition display, honoring those competing in their final All City Dive Meet, is also located on the pool deck.

This year, the All City Dive Meet will serve as a test site for our club for a Zero Waste Initiative, designed to reduce the amount of landfill waste generated by the event. As part of that initiative, nearly all of the meet program information has moved on-line (diving sheets for each age group are available for free on the pool deck). Please visit for information about the dive meet.

During the meet, we will be posting results online on our All City Dive Meet website and social media. For each event, the results will be updated after the preliminary round of dives, and then again following the final rounds of diving. In addition, you can follow the meet on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:




Thanks again to all of our sponsors for their generous support of this event, and by extension the hundreds of young competitors taking part in it. Without their support, this meet would not be possible. In addition, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Missy Kedzorski, City of Monona recreation supervisor and aquatics director, and Jake Anderson, City of Monona parks and recreation director, as well as their staffs, for their enthusiastic support of this meet. Their tireless efforts the past year have made this meet possible for our club to host.

Finally, a big MO thank you to our All City Dive Meet Committee chairs, as well as the many MO Swim and Dive Club volunteers, who have worked behind the scenes to make this meet a success.

Good luck to all competitors – we hope you enjoy the 2017 All City Dive Meet.

Michelle Benedict and Phil McDade, All City Dive Meet 2017 meet co-directors

All City Dive Meet coordinating committee

Anne Baranski – scoring

Kris Buss – scoring

Kristen Mabie – scoring

Wendy McNall – scoring

Laura and Keith Blew – concessions

Amanda Wegner – social media

Chris Haas and Tracy Willem – awards

Amy Kenny – sponsorship

Nancy Keith and Kari Sievert – hospitality

Carol Doll – senior recognition

Brett Sackett – program and senior recognition

Dan Groth – volunteer T-shirts

Jason Kraemer – grounds

Katie Sackett – Second Harvest food drive

Teresa Radermacher – Zero Waste Initiative






6:30 a.m.                              Pool Opens for Warm-Ups**

7:30 a.m.                              Coaches Meeting

8:00 a.m.                              13-14 Girls

11:00 a.m.                           13-14 Boys

2:00 p.m.                             11-12 Girls

5:00 p.m.                             11-12 Boys



6:30 a.m.                              Pool Opens for warm-ups**

7:30 a.m.                              Coaches Meeting

8:00 a.m.                              10 and Under Girls

11:00 a.m.                           10 and Under Boys

2:00 p.m.                             15-18 Girls

5:00 p.m.                             15-18 Boys


*Senior recognition will be held in between the 15-18 Girls and Boys diving competition.

**Divers should be prepared to warm-up approximately one hour before their event starts.  Only divers from the specified event may warm up at that time.  All divers must be accompanied by their coach.  Event times are only approximate.  All divers should be prepared for the schedule to run ahead or behind.  We will not delay the meet for missing divers.  Check website at for updates on schedule.

***Traffic on the Beltline headed east-bound toward Monona is particularly busy during the morning and late-afternoon hours. Divers participating in the first sessions on Monday and Tuesday (8 a.m. start for diving), as well as the final sessions on Monday and Tuesday (5 p.m. start for diving) should take traffic into account when they prepare to leave for the meet to Monona.

Click here to learn how the dive scores are calculated.

Click here for the Spectator Guide for Diving.

Note: The All City Dive Meet warm-up schedule needs to be closely coordinated with the warm-up schedule for the All City Swim meet, so that competitors participating in both the dive and swim meets have ample opportunity to practice at both sites on Sunday, July 23rd.

As such, no alterations in this schedule will be permitted; please dive at your scheduled warm-up time. Thank you for your understanding; any questions about the warm-up schedule should be directed to: Phil McDade, 2017 All City Dive Meet co-director, [email protected] or 608-516-4634

*7 a.m.-7:55 a.m. – Open for any divers who otherwise cannot make their team’s dive meet warm-up.

8 a.m.-8:55 a.m. – Parkcrest

9 a.m.-9:55 a.m. – Nakoma

10 a.m.-10:55 a.m. – High Point

11 a.m.-11:55 a.m. – Hawks Landing

Noon-12:55 p.m. – Seminole

1 p.m.-1:55 p.m. – Middleton

2 p.m.-2:55 p.m. – Maple Bluff

3 p.m.-3:55 p.m. – West Side

4 p.m.-4:55 p.m. – Hill Farms

5 p.m.-5:55 p.m. – Ridgewood

6 p.m.-6:55 p.m. – Goodman

7 p.m.-7:55 p.m. – Shorewood Hills

*The open warm-up from 7 a.m.-7:55 a.m. is intended for divers who are unable to make their team warm-ups. However, divers must be accompanied by their dive coach; no diver will be permitted to warm up without a coach.

Click on image below to enlarge map

There is ample parking adjacent to the Monona Community Pool for competitors, parents and fans for the 2017 All City Dive Meet. But there are also parking lots near the pool in which parking is strictly prohibited.

Here’s a rundown on parking:

Parking allowed:

  • In the lot next to the pool bathhouse, adjacent to the tennis courts and skateboard park. Approximately 30 spaces. Access off Nichols Road.
  • In the Winnequah Elementary School lot. Approximately 56 spaces (please do not park in the grassy area between the parking lot and the walking path leading to the pool). Access via the Monona Community Center parking lot.
  • In the U-shaped parking lot, and the parking spaces nearest the front entrance, of the Monona Community Center. Access off Nichols Road. Approximately 50 spaces.

Parking is also allowed on most Monona streets; however, please follow parking restriction signs, as parking is sometimes limited to one side of the street in neighborhoods near the pool.

Parking is NOT allowed in the following lots:

  • The Monona Community Center lot adjacent to the bathhouse on the west side of the community center; this is reserved for community center users and staff.
  • The Monona Community Library parking lot accessed from Healy Lane.
  • The Monona City Hall parking lot accessed off Schluter Road.
  • The Monona Fire Department/EMT parking lot accessed off Nichols Road adjacent to the Monona Community Center. Any vehicle parked in this lot will be towed immediately, as it is reserved for emergency vehicles only.

Thank you for your cooperation and support of All City Dive 2017. Any questions about parking can be addressed to Phil McDade, meet co-director, at: [email protected]

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Hill Farm

High Point

West Side





Hawks Landing



Below are the results from the previous All-City Dive Meets: